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We teach English and Creative Writing to kids ages 3 to 14 in an engaging environment. Students can attend online or in-person at our Garden City Centre location in Richmond BC. See below for more information on our English lessons.
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English Programs

Young Creative Writers

Our Creative Writing Program is about exploring the key types of writing, including Fiction (Narrative), Expository, Persuasive Compare-Contrast, and Descriptive paragraphs. We will also look at journalling and poetry. We provide different story writing prompts to motivate students to create. We teach writing skills on different levels and assist students to build sentence and paragraphs structure step-by-step. Also, we strengthen their grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Our goal is to have kids enjoy telling and writing their own stories. We are here to inspire your kids to think big and dream bigger. We make writing fun!

English Language Learners (ELL)

From phonics and reading comprehension to writing strategies and more, learners will explore the English language in a fun and interactive setting. We help learners develop the communication skills needed for success in classrooms, schools, and social settings. Our goal is to have ELL students become active, participating citizens in their communities.

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Morning Tree Language Centre
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At Morning Tree Language Centre, the teachers provide a fun learning environment using games, songs and cultural lessons to encourage one's language development. This class is great for all ages, I highly recommend this class for my own kids!

K. Ng
Out of all the after-school programs we signed up for our daughter, she loves the Mandarin class at Morning Tree Language Center the most. The teachers make each class fun and engaging. She can't wait until the next term.

T. Chuang
Anita has been very competent in tutoring children in Mandarin for several years. My grandchildren enjoy her classes and remain interested in learning more. I am very satisfied with my grandchildren's progress in Mandarin due to Anita's creative teaching method.

T. Hee
Anita is so good at what she does. She brings enthusiasm and fun to each and every class, and teaches our girls the practical language that makes them want to share their progress. They are non-Chinese speakers and they are learning useful words and phrasing to impress their grandparents! We are so happy with their interest in learning with Anita. Thank you!!

J. Ip
I was searching for a Chinese school for my daughter to learn Mandarin. I went to visit a couple of schools in Richmond. A friend told me about Morning Tree and it seemed different so I let my daughter try. I am so happy that my friend told me about it and my daughter really enjoys going! She has been attending for about 6 months now and is learning a lot. Anita does such an amazing job making the Mandarin classes fun and engaging. I highly recommend them!

K. Mar
My son has been with Morning Tree Language Centre for over 1 year now. He loves going there every week for his Mandarin and French classes because of their fun classroom environment. We are trying to speak more Mandarin at home, and we are glad to see his Mandarin conversation and vocabulary improved. We look forward to the new topics they teach this Winter term.

D. Hu

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